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Your small contribution in ecology gives a great effect!

Have you ever wondered what are the most important criteria for choosing the right juices that you serve at your place?

Do you know to what the customers of your hotel will pay the main attention  while drinking juices at breakfast?

a) to the shape of the packaging, carton, bottle?

b ) or to a modern, attractive design of the label?
c ) or maybe to the brand of juices?

Serving for breakfast usually in dispensers and jugs deprived juices of all these elements long time ago. Packaging and labels landed in the bin in the form of mountains of garbage.

There are two aspects of choise left for professionals. The most important aspects:

d ) flavor - the quality and consistency
e) the cost of 1 litre

That is why the PURENA brand was created.
Purena not only saves your money in the smart way but it also saves the environment!



PURENA is the only solution on the Polish market with such a small contribution to the cost of packaging and logistics per 1 litre of final juice.

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