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As our products are an innovation on the juice market, for simplification we give some useful tips and recommendations to facilitate the work with Purena concentrates:



Dissolving ratio: 100% juices and nectars 1:5 which means 1 kg of concentrated juice completed with water up to 5 litres of final product. Such proportion does not mean 1 kg of concentrate + 5 litres of water!!! (in such description it would be 1 kg + 4,2 l of water).

Drinks 1:6 which means 1 kg of concentrated drink completed with water up to 6 litres of final product. Such proportion does not mean 1 kg of concentrate + 6 litres of water!!! (in such description it would be 1 kg + 5,2 l of water).

Concentrates are packed in 1-kg sachetes in an aseptic way, so there is no need to store the unopened sachets in a cool place. Too cold concentrate becomes thick and therefore difficult to reconstitute with water. Concentrate in opened sachet should be better taken out of the fridge earlier. Thanks to the concentration of natural juice acids and sugars, concentrate is durable lying even a few days out of the refrigerator.

  Water for reconstitution should be cold, because in this way we will lower the temperature of the juice or beverage served. The optimum temperature is approx. 12 ° C.
  Due to its nature and high content of fruit pulp orange juice is the most dense of all products and it dissolves slowly, so it should be mixed more intensively than others.
  After several minutes of reconstitution of orange juice there may appear a minimal stratifications. This is a natural feature. We have created a product of excellent quality, but we do not counteract gravity: stratification will disappear if the product is mixed intensively again in about 20 minutes from the first dissolving. The same effect, although to a lesser extent, is observed in the classic carton or bottle juices.
  Juices and drinks after reconstitution should be used on the same day or at the latest within 24 hours. If the product use is smaller, simply prepare smaller portions of products.
  The ratio of 1 : 5 for juice and 1: 6 for drinks should be complied with. These proportions are 1 part concentrate to 5 parts of the final juice. We complete one part of the concentrate with 5 parts of the final product. For instance, in the dispenser we refill with water 1 kilogram of concentrate and we get 5 litres of ready to drink juice. Deeper dillution may lead to loss of taste, and 100% juices can disrupt the proper content of fruit (and instead of 100 %  it will be only 90 %).
  The water used for dissolving must comply with the requirements for drinking water, in accordance to current legal status.
   Shelf life of concentrated juices and drink concentrates is 12 months.

Reading labels and differentiation of the product categories should be one of the basic skills of conscious consumer.
You have the responsibility to know what you are buying. Read the label! Ask for a specification!
Juices with sugar are not juices!




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