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Professional solutions for HoReCa / Food Service: 100% juices, nectars, drinks

100 % juices, nectars and fruit drinks dedicated to Horeca under the PURENA brand are ooffered in form of condensed concentrates for direct dissolving with water at hotel or restaurant. The system offer is not only products, but also professional hardware support including jugs, manual and automatic dispensers or postmix cooling machines that help bring the concentrates to the form of ready juices.


The key benefit for HORECA is PREMIUM quality at the DISCOUNT price.


The advantage of PURENA over traditional solutions, as juices in 1 l cartons or bottles, results from elimination of many problems like storage space, high weight, the number of packages, but mainly from the right proportion of quality to the price of 1 litre of juice. The good relation of premium quality and discount prices is the result of the same raw materials, which uses the juice industry today directly in gastronomy, without a lot of needless links in the chain, and of dissolving the juice concentrate into final juice not at the factory (as is the case of traditional solutions), but directly at the HORECA place. These raw materials are pure condensed juices also called fruit juice concentrates (in which there is no added sugar) derived solely from pressed fruit, and which are formed only by the evaporation of water.



Purena natural juice contentrate advantage over conventional solutions: ready juices and drinks packed in 1l units

Savings in transport costs

Costs of transport and logistic from the manufacturer to the customer are 5 times lower per 1 l of final juice!

Savings in storaging space

Your warehouse is too small?
Think twice before you begin building another one!

Savings in packaging

Purena DoyPack sachete  = 5 cartons of 1l ready to drink juice!
Material cost saving: 1 instead of 5 1l packagings.


Dissolve just before serving! Thanks to dilution just before consumption we get always freshly made juice!

Savings in the production process

The share of production costs, ancillary materials, environmental charges is still growing! Thanks to Purena you will spend less!

Shortened logistic chain

 Shortened logistic chain = reduced margin chain!


Belfood Sp. z o.o.

  ul. Mielęckiego 10 /3
40-013 Katowice
  +48 790 63 84 83
+48 (32) 797 11 52
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If you are interested in cooperation please contact us as soon as possible!
If you are using regular products packed in 1l consumer packaging - send us information about your average monthly demand for juices. We will calculate your annual guaranteed savings.
If you already have another professional system contracted - WE UNDERSTAND AND RESPECT IT! - Contact us one week before the end of the contract




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